One Finger Trainer - YY Vertical
One Finger Trainer - YY Vertical
One Finger Trainer - YY Vertical

One Finger Trainer

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How does it work :
The One finger Trainer hangs on a single rope.
By keeping the board horizontal during training, you can maximize efficiency and get the best results from your workout.
By changing the position of the rope, you can increase the strength needed in one hand (and decrease the strength needed in the other).
Move the rope away from the center to gradually increase the difficulty of hooking onto the One Finger Trainer.
Gradually increase and control your strength!

Train anywhere!
It's easy to take the One Finger Trainer to the gym, to a cliff, to a park, or even to a friend's house!
The rubber tree we use for these products comes from a completely sustainable source! Currently, trees in rubber plantations are harvested for timber after completing the latex production cycle, when they are 25 to 30 years old.

When latex yield becomes extremely low, trees are then felled and new trees are usually planted. The rubber tree is therefore "ecological", because the wood is harvested from a renewable source.

The one-finger trainer includes
One finger trainer
1 rope + rope length adjuster + plastic piece to hold the rope in place


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