La baguette - Poutre d&
La baguette - Poutre d&
La baguette - Poutre d&
La baguette - Poutre d&
La baguette - Poutre d&
La baguette - Poutre d&
La baguette - Poutre d&
La baguette - Poutre d&

"La Baguette" - Hangboard

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The Baguette is a sturdy and ultra light wooden beam (380g) that will accompany you everywhere! It has been specially designed for warming up and training climbers both indoors and outdoors. When warming up, the Baguette reduces the risk of injury; in training, it is particularly suitable for strengthening the passive and active structures of the fingers, arms and back during traction and suspension exercises. The Baguette offers great versatility with 2 tilt modes and 6 different types of grips easily identifiable thanks to an engraving of the depths (10mm, 15mm, 20mm, 25mm, 30mm + tray). With its sober design made from recycled rubber wood, La Baguette offers a soft-touch surface whose comfort and grip will convince beginners and experts alike.

DIMENSIONS: 47cm x 4cm x 4cm

WEIGHT: 380g

Made from recycled rubber wood

The hangboard

for all your adventures


Can be used indoors and outdoors

Convenient for training at home as well as on the cliff!

Lightweight and transportable

Specially designed to be transportable, this training beam weighs only 380gr and can easily be stored in a bag.

Engraved depths

Ideal for locating easily on the beam and measuring its progress.

Ideal for warming up ...

The Wand can be used with straps for a gentle warm-up and will help prevent injury.

... as for training

The diversity of the baguette's grips is ideal for training. Helps strengthen the fingers and arms, as well as the upper body.

Soft touch surface

Soft touch surface with good grip.

Why did you create a Training range?

We observed that many products on the market were often too heavy to take them over the cliff to warm up and often unaffordable at the price point… This is why we worked on the development of a range of training products. innovativeoriented towards lightness, with a affordable price. Each product has been designed and optimized for a precise use, thus allowing each climber to find his product that meets his his way of practicing. There is only one thing left: go warm up on the cliff or train at home with smile ! :)

Tips and tricks

How to install the Baguette?

Item available soon

Types of exercises

Item available soon

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