Sac à magnésie | Chalk Stopper Ⓓ Aigle - YY Vertical
Sac à magnésie | Chalk Stopper Ⓓ Aigle - YY Vertical

chalk bag | Chalk Stopper Ⓓ Eagle

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  • The Chalk Stopper -Animal Edition- improve cleanliness with a wild and fun style!
  • They reduce volatile indoor magnesia emissions by up to 80% and avoid spills of magnesia thanks to their Magneclic input.
  • These new unique designs fully integrate animals by simulating a mouth or a face on Magneclic technology to make them more real than life!
  • The essentials are always present: 2 camouflaged brush holders with gills for the shark and wings for the eagle, a drawstring, and an adjustable chest strap.
  • They both incorporate the new Magneclic technology which is faster and more efficient than the previous version.

Available in 2 versions
- The hand-eating shark (small preference for that of
- The golden eagle with a puzzled look!