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One Arm Training

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The One Arm Trainer was designed to effectively train one arm - right after the other - in a way no traditional fingerboard can.
How does it work :
The One Arm Trainer hangs on a rope.
By keeping the board horizontal during training, you can maximize efficiency and get the best results from your workout.
By changing the position of the rope, you can increase the strength needed in one arm (and decrease the strength needed in the other).
Move the rope away from the center to gradually increase the difficulty of the hang or pull on the One Arm Trainer.

Gradually increase and control your strength!
The pegs give you immediate feedback on your day-to-day progress!
No crimp, sloper, pinch or jug ​​will be left unchallenged.
Basic grips, cones, cylinders and even Maxgrip or Maxgrip Hybrid can be used to cross train your grip strength!
Train anywhere!
It's easy to take the One Arm Trainer to the gym, the mountains, the park, or even a friend's house!
*You will need the basic grips to use the Maxgrip or Maxgrip Hybrid.

The arm training kit includes
An arm trainer (wood) + selected grips
1 rope + rope length adjuster

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